How Arizona Physical Therapy Billing Should Do Their Work

28 Oct

If you’re planning to outsource Arizona physical therapy billing, then you should have nothing to worry about, right? Well, not really. There’s still a good chance your business will suffer in the end. In fact, before you know it, all your money has gone down the drain. The main culprit? Wrong choice for Arizona physical therapy billing company.

How do you avoid making such mistake? A good Arizona physical therapy billing provider usually does the following:

They provide real-time processes of billing.

They don’t wait for a few hours or the next day before they start processing for reimbursements and claims. After all, you need constant cash flow to keep the business and profession afloat. They do this usually electronically. For example, every procedure has its own code, which will be encoded upon performance. Once the code has been processed, the billing company will then assess it, then send out notices for claims to patients or to medical insurance companies.

They take charge of the entire collection process.

If there’s one thing an Arizona physical therapy billing business doesn’t do, it’s handling the funds. They don’t and shouldn’t receive any money from the patient or from the insurance company. However, other account-related transactions and processes should be taken care of them by them. For example, they are in charge of both soft and hard collections. The former usually involve sending out account statements and notices to clients in the hopes they settle their debts immediately. Once their accounts are already overdue, they are then labeled ready for hard collections, where stern warnings are provided.

As much as possible they should be able to collect at least 90 to 95 percent of the total accounts receivable.

They treat people with utmost respect and professionalism.

You would know if you’re dealing with the right Arizona physical therapy billing by how they treat not only you but the other sectors who are part of the entire billing process, such as patients and insurance companies.

For example, they take the time to process underpayments and claim denials. They work closely with insurance companies without being too complacent. (Admit it, some of these medical companies are willing to go to extra lengths to avoid paying claims or reducing their accounts receivables). In case of disputes, they conduct investigations with a very high level of fairness, accuracy, respect, and professionalism.

They should get to know you.

How many PT businesses are there in the state? Hundreds. But that doesn’t mean your company is the same as everybody else. That’s why it’s still essential that you are able to customize Arizona physical therapy billing. Customization may also be necessary if you already have some processes or technologies in place. You don’t want to completely ignore or waste them in favor of those provided by the company.

For instance, if you already have an EMR, a Arizona physical therapy billing firm should be able to integrate their billing processes and documents to any information found in your EMR.


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